Top 5 Things That Could Kill Your iPhone


 · Top 5 things that could harm, damage, and potentially kill your iPhone 3G, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus! In this video I cover what I THINK are the top things youre doing wrong with your iPhone (smartphone) that could kill it Author: BoxDesire.
 · The five things that kill your iPhones battery the fastest. There are no end of tips and tricks out there to help you get more out of your iPhones battery, but based on exhaustive testing Ive narrowed down the five things that drain your battery the fastest.
20 Things You Didnt Know Your Smartphone Could Do. Yes, theres an app for that. By Sarah Crow May 15, for your new Tinder or Bumble photo? Dont worry, finding it is easier than you think. Using the search function at the top of your Photo app, discover how This New iPhone Feature Could Help Save Your Life. 8.
 · Over its ten year lifespan, the iPhone has altered many industries, for better and worse. A powerful computer you could slip into your back pocket, the iPhone chipped away at paper maps, point-and-shoot cameras, voice recorders, watches, hand-held .
 · But you should do whatever it takes to prevent yourself from powering the device up too soon, which can kill your phone. Leaving it alone, on the other hand, may mean that your phone lives through the near-death experience — which is the ultimate goal of trying to save a drowned phone.
 · Your cellphone is only as good as its battery. Once its power source runs out, so does your ability to call, check email and pinpoint your location on a virtual map. There could be numerous things draining your battery. Heck, it might even be time to replace it. But if your iPhone battery isnt damaged or in need of replacement, you.
 · The cold can make your camera work harder too. But before you look into moving to a warmer climate to keep your phone happy, August Brice, CEO of Safer Tech, says to also watch out for warmer conditions. If you’re overheating or have your phone nestled in your d
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